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Dear friends and colleagues,

following a 4-year experience in artificial nails in Hamburg, Germany, Sergio Kouroupis founded Star Nails-SERGIO in June 1986, which was the first company in the field of Artificial Nail in Greece. The company continued its steady upward trend, in the broader range of production and distribution of artificial nails in Greece, and proceeded to export products to many European countries.

Our company Star Nails - SERGIO since 1994 comes out more aggresively in the European market. Therefore begins to participate in major exhibitions in Germany and the rest of Central Europe, also establishing companies in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Cyprus. In 1999 SERGIO company is founded in Germany and from there becomes even more competitive against large European companies. By registering the name and quality SERGIO throughout Europe


After 23 years of continuous activity, the Vision of Sergio Kouroupis becomes a reality, seeing that the Artificial Nail in Greece has reached European standards. The company Star Nails - SERGIO in an effort to thank you for your support throughout the years and your partnership in this vision, founded SERGIO CLUB. And promises, watching the global market evolution, to inform you and to continue to provide its services.

With respect

Sergio Kouroupis

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